Iconic's interests

The social issues that keep us busy...

We are interested in a wide range of social issues.

A lot of our work focuses on health and wellbeing including alcohol and drug misuse, and mental health.
We also regularly examine various social issues affecting children, young people and families including parenting and relationships.
Poverty is another area of interest in its various forms including financial, fuel and food poverty.
Other areas of interest include learning, employability, homelessness, and justice.
Increasingly we’ve been applying our social research and evaluation skills to the heritage and cultural sectors.

Iconic experience

Drug & alcohol misuse

We are passionate about playing our part in tackling alcohol

Drug & alcohol misuse

Children, young people & families

A great deal of our research and evaluation work relates

Children, young people & families

Heritage Edinburgh, Scotland

Iconic’s portfolio of heritage and cultural projects reflects the rich

Heritage & culture

Health issues research edinburgh

We have undertaken several health-related studies covering both physical and

Health & wellbeing

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